Angie's List

Karla K. | Sherwood, AR
Work Completed Date: January 22, 2016
Description Of Work:

They stabilized our concrete front porch via the crawl space. Brent Stroud was so good to work with. He knew that we were on a strict time constraint and he did his best to accommodate that. The guys that did the work took pictures after the job was done so that we could see how everything looked. All involved were so professional and courteous. We could not be happier! Thanks again, Brent.

Stephen S. | Maumelle, AR
Work Completed Date: December 04, 2014
Description Of Work:

Repaired foundation issues in Maumelle Ar house | I received an estimate with an approximate time of repair within 3 weeks. The original date was moved by one day as a result of weather problems. The work was completed in 3 days as originally estimated. The work was completed as promised and within the time estimate. I could not be happier with the whole process.

Robert & Sabrina W. | Hot Springs, AR
Work Completed Date: June 30, 2015
Description Of Work:

A quote for foundation repair | I called for a quote before we look at buying a house, and despite a packed schedule on both our ends, Brent Stroud went above and beyond to assess the house we want to buy, as well as, he worked up the information the moment he finished the inspection. I will follow up on the job performed after we discuss when to do it. Really, his punctuality and excelling manners proved that the other reviews about them must be right. So far, this is an excellent company and I do recommend them. More to say later...

Karla S. | Little Rock, AR
Description Of Work:

Repaired extensive foundation problems at several locations | It's hard to say enough great things about my experience with this company. Exceptional service from the initial meeting and throughout the job from the owners, from the guys who were at the house every day doing the work, and even a couple of the ladies who work in the office. Pricing was fair and very competitive. When problems were encountered with conditions at my site, they went over and above what you might expect and did not charge me extra even though they probably could have. Their work was performed in a neat and professional manner. To put it mildly, my job was challenging and they more than met the challenge! If you need foundation work, do yourself a huge favor and let Foundation Pro give you an estimate.

Adelia K. | Little Rock, AR
Work Completed Date: March 02, 2015
Description Of Work:

Foundation Pro came out and installed four piers and leveled out a bouncy floor. They were wonderful! I had a very wobbly/bouncy floor. They came out and gave me an estimate immediately. The nature of the work meant that they had to let the concrete set so they came out to do the first portion, then came out a couple weeks later to do the second portion. Communication was excellent and the workers were all very professional and nice. They were very careful not to ruin my flower bed, where they had to crawl in and out from under the house. My floor is perfect now. The most impressive part, in my opinion, was that they were very flexible with me when I wanted to use my airline miles card to make a payment, which meant waiting a week or so. I would recommend them to anyone both for the quality of work and for the ease of communication and professionalism.

Charlotte W. | LITTLE ROCK, AR
Work Completed Date: May 27, 2015
Description Of Work:

Foundation repair to exterior brick walls using steel pier pilings and replacement of 5 interior piers in crawl space. All brick wall mortar cracks were repaired. Lifetime warranty was included in contract. | Brent Stroud planned the repair work and thoroughly explained how it would be completed. Rudy, his crew leader was extremely talented in organizing work, very hard working, and very thoughtful and courteous. Antonio was his main crew member. All of the work was completed over several days that included some rainy days. We were very impressed with the the care given to avoid disruption to our home life and landscape plantings. Their attention to detail was impressive. During and after completion of the work, it was thoroughly inspected by Brent. From start to completion, this significant home project was one of the very best experiences we have had in 30 years of home ownership.

Roger A. | Little Rock, AR
Work Completed Date: April 14, 2014
Description Of Work:

The company came out and surveyed the situation under our house. They drew up a to-scale plan for stabilizing the house. They replaced a failed timber and strengthened piers. They raised the house so it is stable and All doors work as they should.

Alisa D. | North Little Rock, AR 72116
Work Completed Date: July 29, 2014
Description Of Work:

The bricks along the outside of my wall were splitting and the garage was moving forward. | They were great! They made the repair and you cannot even tell the bricks were ever coming apart, In fact they did such a good clean up job and fixed my landscaping back that no one would ever know there was work done. Also, they were courteous and professional. Brent Stroud takes pride in running a good business. I would highly recommend Foundation Pro.

Darla A. | Little Rock, AR
Work Completed Date: November 15, 2013
Description Of Work:

Repaired one brick pier on a 60 year old house. Installed two new brick piers on 30 year old addition to the house. Sealed and arranged moisture barrier. Other small adjustments. | This work was done due to selling the house. I was very pleased with the result. Doors that previously were difficult to close now work perfectly. Wish I had done it when we bought the house.

Marcus M. | Conway, AR
Work Completed Date: November 03, 2013
Description Of Work:

I was concerned about some cracks in my exterior brick, so I called foundation pro. They came out and did and inspection and determined that I didn't have any foundation issues. | They told me that these types of cracks were of no concern and didn't need any action at this time. Brent was very professional and gave me good advice as to help prevent future issues by extending my gutter drains so water flows away from house foundation. I highly recommend them.

Work Completed Date: October 28, 2013

I highly recommend Foundation Pro. I am a real estate agent and they have completed several foundation repairs in the past for my clients and have one currently under contract. On the most recent project the owner, Bob Stroud met with myself and the home owner and provided a proposal for the repairs that were needed. After review of the proposal the home owner decided to go ahead with the repairs as quoted in order to sell and close on the home. The owner Mr. Stroud went back over to the home several days later to check on another issue and after checking a little further he found that he could actually save the home owner several thousand dollars from his original quote. The home owner was already set to pay the original much higher amount and would have never known the difference if it weren't for the integrity of Mr. Stroud. I will always recommend Foundation Pro and Bob Stroud to all my clients.

Sharon K. | Greenbriar, AR
Work Completed Date: October 28, 2013
Description Of Work:

Piers installed under exterior footing of my house.| I have my home on the market to sell. During an inspection, it was brought to my attention my house could have some foundation issues. I called Foundation Pro for an evaluation. Brent promptly responded. He performed an inspection and made repair proposal. I was not present at the inspection. I called Brent and he met me and explained what he found. He was very professional and explained what the repairs should be and how the repairs would be done. We agreed on the time to start the job. I do not live at the home; so he made sure I was informed when he started the repairs. He was in contact with me daily with the progress. He completed the job in a timely manner as promised. After final inspection, I am very pleased with the work performed by his crew. They cleaned up when finished and leveled the dirt as needed. Brent has made his company available to any buyers that may have questions about the piers, and the Lifetime Warranty. I was very worried about these repairs. Brent assured me he would do the repairs right and the problem would be fixed. He definitely lived up to his word. I definitely recommend Foundation Pro.

Last Modified Date: September 25, 2013
Description Of Work:

Raised, leveled and sealed the brickwork on the front and side of our home. | This company was recommended to us. My first contact was with Bob Stroud. I found him to be very professional and honest. He examined the condition of our brickwork and gave us a detailed list of what was needed and provided an estimate. The workers came out and were very hard working and thorough. Upon completion, I was amazed at the results! I would highly recommend this company for any foundation work you may be considering.

David B. | AUSTIN, AR
Work Completed Date: September 04, 2013
Description Of Work:

Installed exterior steel pier for jacking rear corner of home to correct problem, jacked and shimmed several joists to bring door jamb back into correct position and tucked/pointed brick at pier area as well as re-poured cement on sidewalk that was removed for excavating for steel jacking pier. | We have been been a customer since 2006 when we fell in love and purchased our home knowing ahead of time that we needed foundation work. Foundation Pro came highly recommended to us by word of mouth. In 2006, Foundation Pro installed 9 steel piers to straighten out the problems with settling and tucked/repointed the brick in those areas in need of repair. The difference was like day and night. Windows were easily opened and closed, doors latched properly, and we were highly satisfied. The crew was very professional and kept us informed each step of the way. They were very careful in ensuring all utilities were located prior to beginning the work, and did a great job of cleaning up the site after the work was finished. With the draught we experienced last year (2012), the late snow in December, and the rains last month, we noticed some shifting in the rear corner of the home recently. This area was way on the other side of previous work so we knew it was not related. I contacted Bob Stroud and made an appointment to determine best remedy. He furnished a proposal promptly and work began on time yesterday. The crew was very professional and did a great job of carefully excavating the area and removing a portion of sidewalk to allow for the installation. The affected area was tucked and repointed, sidewalk repoured, and final adjustment of rear door made all in one day with the Brent Stroud on site. If you have a foundation or settling problem, Foundation Pro can remedy the problem quickly and professionally!

Janie M. | Conway, AR
Work Completed Date: May 13, 2013
Description Of Work:

Placed piers under the corner of our workshop to stabilize the building. | Foundation Pro is a great group of people who will do what they say, reasonable price and professional service. The workers were very polite and informative about the work they were doing. We would definitely use their services again and would definitely recommend them to anyone needing foundation work.

Susan G. | North Little Rock, AR
Work Completed Date: January 15, 2013
Description Of Work:

Foundation Repair | We had a crack in one outside corner of the house due to settling over 50 years. We got estimates from 3 companies that ranged from $2,700 to $13,000. We went with Foundation Pro, not only because of their price but also because we had heard of the owners’ integrity. After researching and talking with a builder and other professionals who knew about structural repair, we felt that the people at Foundation Pro were the most honest about what we needed to do to fix the problem. We were extremely pleased with their work. Although we had to wait 2 1/2 months (we were told upfront it would be that long), once the workers started they finished in 2 days. Working with Brent Stroud was a pleasure. He answered my calls promptly and answered every question directly and honestly. Even though our job was small, he treated us as if we were just as important as his large jobs. We would definitely recommend Foundation Pro to anyone with a problem, large or small.

Tiffany H. | Cabot, AR
Work Completed Date: February 06, 2013
Description Of Work:

I contacted Brent Stroud at Foundation Pro before I bought the house, as there were several cracks noted in the brickwork and I wanted to make sure of what I would be purchasing as far as foundation issues and repairs. Brent went to the home and provided me an inspection and estimate. He returned on a later occasion and answered additional questions I had concerning the foundation. Mind you, this is all BEFORE he even knew if I would purchase the home or hire his company to do the work. Each time I spoke to Brent, he was professional and courteous. Once I purchased the home, I scheduled Foundation Pro to perform the repairs to my foundation as well as fill in three additional cracked areas with mortar. They performed the foundation work and cleaned up the area nicely. The mortaring of the cracks looks great, and they actually repaired areas in addition to what was additionally agreed upon. I am very pleased with Foundation Pro. I would recommend them to anyone needing foundation repair. Member Comments: It went quite well. They installed four piers and mortared additional areas with cracking/missing mortar between bricks.

Kenneth C. | Benton, AR
Work Completed Date: August 07, 2011
Description Of Work:

Leveled my foundation, to close a crack on the corner of the house from the shifting ground. | I bought a house in a subdivision where the ground shifts a bit. The house had a crack in the brick on one corner. After the evaluation of what I needed to correct my problem, we scheduled a start time. Very courteous and professional. They were there on time and proceeded with the job. The crack was fairly large, the door for that room wouldn't shut, and there was a gap at the floor next to the wall. Once they were finished, of which I believe was only two days, the crack was closed, the floor, window seal was level, the door closes and the gap was closed. They have a website, showing details, but I've a couple of photos of my own

Better Business Bureau Reviews

James K. | Oct. 12, 2015

I purchased my house in May of 2009, at that time the house was only 3 yrs old. In 2012 we started to notice cracking in our tile and around our master bathtub. I called 4 companies to come out and look at my situation. Foundation Pro was the only one that noticed that I was missing support peers under the master bath. They added 3 peers and replaced all of the wood shimmies with steal shimmies. Their crew was fast and very professional. I received a two year warranty from Foundation Pro on the work that they did. Since my house was build on soft clay surface I've had a little more settling since they first came out. When I called foundation Pro, they were out to my house within 2 days to add a couple more shimmies. I even called them after my warranty expired and they came out and resolved my issue without charging me. If the contractors who built the house would have taken the time like Foundation Pro has, then I would not have had the issues that occurred. I live on the side of a hill and receive my neighbors run off when it rains. Foundation Pro has shown me areas to improve my water settlement issues around the foundation of my house. I am a very hard person to please when it comes to paying for something that shouldn't have happened. Foundation Pro came in and resolved my issues and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They are very professional and their work is tremendous. They actually stand behind their work and warranty!

Linda S. | Oct. 20, 2015

Foundation Pro recently took care of foundation issues at my home. Their pricing was competitive. They were thorough, professional and got the job done. Each morning the overseer explained what would be done that day. I was very pleased with the whole experience and have no problem recommending them.

Scott B. | Oct. 28, 2015

We recently used Foundation Pro to repair a portion of driveway that had dropped. They responded promptly and quoted a fair price - very honest and upfront about what they could and could not do. They arrived early for the job and completed the work in very timely manner. Very glad we chose Foundation Pro for this work and would highly recommend them. Reviews

Rob C. | 04/02/2015

It is getting hard to find honest, hardworking companies that meet all of our standards, but that is definitely what I found with Foundation Pro. They were on time, they always did what they said they would do, they took pride in their work, the price didn't change, the communication was great! I couldn't of asked for anything to have been any better. Thank you. | Rob Carroll |A-State Handymen, Inc

Diana P. | 01/14/2014

Because of unstable, clay-based soil, our house (built on pier-and-beam) had settled. To install new windows, we knew we had to address a longstanding problem we'd sought to avoid. We were concerned over the expense and the efficacy of leveling systems. Foundation Pro addressed all our concerns--they (unlike several competitors) responded quickly to our inquiries. After explaining their process, they provided a very reasonable estimate. They arrived when scheduled, worked in oppressive heat, and within days had completed the task. The repairs they made of cracks and broken brick are minor works of art. The crews were polite, professional, engaging and diligent. They delivered on-time and on-budget. I recommend them without reservation. Our neighbors, after investigating the work Foundation Pro did for us, selected them to level their home. The repairs are intact nearly a year and a half later.

Sheri H. | 01/04/2014

Our 19 year old house began developing cracks and notable droops in the brick a few years ago. Being afraid of what we would find, we put off having it looked at until we just couldn’t ignore it anymore. We contacted Foundation Pro, and after inspecting our damage, they gave us a very reasonable estimate. After checking around, we simply couldn’t beat their bid or their warranty. The work took only a few days, and I can’t say enough about the crew that worked on our home. They were...view more very personable and professional. Every question we had was answered right away, and they kept us informed every step of the way. When they finished, not only could you not tell that we had holes drilled around our house, but you couldn’t tell that there had been any repairs to the brick. The repairs were perfect. Even knowing where the cracks in the bricks had been, I had to look hard to find where they had replaced the mortar. I am so thrilled that we called Foundation Pro! I feel like our house has a new lease on life!

Adam W. | 12/11/2013

When I bought my house, the inspector recommended having the wooden shims on the piers replaced. I contacted Foundation Pro and was able to quickly schedule an inspection and receive a quote to have the piers repaired with metal shims. Once I was able to schedule the work, they came on time and finished in a timely manner. The crew was professional and even took their shoes off when they came inside to keep the floors clean. I would not hesitate to call!

Jena C. | 10/28/2013

Overall, my realtor referred me to Foundation Pro for a leaning pier and potential settling issues. The team was professional and responsive and confirmed there were no settling issues, so I felt like I could trust that they weren't just trying to make a buck off me. They did fix the leaning pier in a prompt and good quality way. We also got a warranty on the work, so I feel completely comfortable that they will stand behind the work they did for us. Overall, a positive experience. I would recommend Foundation Pro to others.

Jennifer T. | 10/03/2012

We spoke with a number of companies and decided to go with Foundation Pro because they answered all of our questions thoroughly and did not try to pressure us with scare tactics. The work was done as promised and on time.

melstack | 06/05/2012

Foundation Pro approached me a number of years ago wanting to put a bid on a settling issue of a home owner here. I presented their name to the homeowner and they readily accepted the job from Foundation Pro. Every time I call they are quick to respond with a visit, explanation, and estimate to make necessary repairs. Thus far I have recommended them numerous times with extremely positive results. After the initial meeting of which everything is explained to the smallest detail, the work is actually done on time, and a follow-up explanation is made. The home owners have all been extremely pleased with work done and professionalism of ALL the employees and the guarantees of the job they did. A great company with high beliefs and very professional.

benyielding99 | 07/28/2008

Getting an Estimate for Foundation issues I have been calling several places wanting someone to come out and give me an estimate on foundation issues at my house, and they were the very first to actually call me back and set up a time for them to come out. The guy was very informative, and very professional. I am still waiting on several other companies to call back before deciding which company to go with, but Foundation Pro has my vote at this time, and will probably end up getting my business!

YELP Reviews

Tricia B. | Little Rock | 1/2/2015

We've had some cracks in our ceilings for quite some time and thought we may have foundation problems, a friend suggested we call Foundation Pro to have them come out and take a look. They were quick to respond to our email inquiry and within a few days Brent came out and took a look at our house. I was thrilled to learn we didn't have foundation problems, but was more impressed with the professionalism Brent showed during the visit. He offered up suggestions on what we would need to fix the cracks and talked about why they were not foundation related. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who thinks they may have foundation issues.

Facebook Reviews

Maria C. | December 20, 2015

The two guys that came to my house did an excellent job and were very nice. They were very respectful of the fact that I had a dog, and let me know when I could let her out to go to pee. They also walked me through everything they did when they finished.

Suzanne H. | June 29, 2015

We want to thank Foundation Pro for their outstanding professionalism and outstanding quality of service, because nothing attracts like quality...Service of this nature is rare in this day and time, and that is why this review is important for me to post concerning Foundation Pro...My husband and I recommend Foundation Pro highly to everyone!!!

Les C. | July 9, 2015

Just wanted to share that Foundation Pro did an exceptional job repairing the footings on my home that were impacted by tree roots. They also were able to re level my patio and walkway using poly foam. Could not be more happy with the work and price, not to mention the lifetime warranty.

Donna H. | March 20, 2014

This is a honest and very professional man. You couldn't ask for a better opinion so if you need to know if you have any foundation problems he is definitely the one to call. I like to be told the truth no matter if that news is bad or good he tells it like it is. Foundation Pro is awesome!!

Todd S. | November 13, 2014

Foundation Pro done are house we bought a little over 3 years ago they (Brent and the Crew) are very professional friendly hard working people they done one awesome job on are house. Some areas of the house inside and outside had large cracks once they lifted the house we couldn't tell anything was ever wrong with the house!! I have since recommended them to a lady I know (Dr. Hardin) and she was very pleased with the work as well. Great Company!

Steven E. | September 29, 2014

Foundation Pro did a great job repairing my walkway via poly foam. My walkway was not properly packed by our builders and thus began to sag by about 1.5 inches. They were able to bring it back up to the original height and seal off areas where water was draining underneath the house. Thanks!

Kendra K. | September 11, 2014

Very satisfied with the work that Foundation Pro did on my home. Very friendly and professional and I would recommend them to others needing work on their home.

Harry H. | September 19, 2014

Great Company!! Just did major work under my home! Did just what they said they would do and it did the trick! A good price and a very friendly honest company!! I recommend them highly!

Marilyn T. | April 12, 2014

Foundation Pro did a great foundation repair for us. They friendly, honest and timely with their work. Thanks Foundation Pro!!

Google Reviews

Diana Barr | February 2016

I cannot say enough good things about Foundation Pro. Beginning with the estimate from Jeff to the team that provided the work to the office staff my experience was wonderful. The team that did the leveling were on time, worked hard and cleaned up the site and stayed on budget. I can recommend Foundation Pro highly to my family and friends.

Judge Worsham | December 2015

I recently purchased a home in Hot Springs, and although I was told that this area doesn't have many foundation issues, this home did. So, after getting the house inspection to satisfy the lender, a crack was found in the crawl space back wall. That could have meant a bad day, but after consulting the seller, my lender, and Mr. Stroud with Foundation Pro, everything came together seamlessly, easily, and timely. We were in a crunch. We had to close by a certain date, or our CU would impose penalties and our interest rate would be lost. I explained the situation, and despite having a full work load, and his wedding anniversary with his wife, Mr. Stroud rearranged the affairs to have it done, so we could close. He worked with the schedule, did a great job, and did it all in one day. That's right, one day! They are top class, and the work is warrantied for as long as that home stands (at least the part they repaired). I would recommend them without any hesitation, and would always use them again, should something happen. They are real professionals. If you need help with your foundation, please, use them. You won't regret it.

Julie Smith | January 2016

Foundation Pro did a superb job fixing very severe problems we had with the foundation on our Duplex in Heber Springs. Their quote was about half of what I thought it was going to cost. I would highly recommend this company. They are honest, very reasonable with their pricing and go the extra mile to do the best job possible.

Wes Thomas

Brent at Foundation Pro Inspected a concern with a home we were purchasing. Very knowledgeable and professional and HONEST. I would highly recommend them to anyone.