Water Drainage and Moisture Control

Water is the main enemy in expansive soils. Water drainage and moisture control problems are among the most common causes of foundation failure. Most differential movement is caused by differences in the soil moisture. Too much water causes soil to expand while too little water causes them to contract. When soils become saturated with water the clay content becomes expanded and loses strength. When this happens inconsistently around areas of the home it can compromise the integrity of the foundation.

Water that penetrates underneath a crawlspace can also lead to mold, rotten wood, pests, insects. Water flowing underneath a concrete slab can causes erosion problems leading to voids underneath, cracks in the slab, flooring and walls.

Foundation Pro can customize solutions for your home to help control moisture levels and excessive water drainage issues. Call 501-753-9001 to schedule a free consultation. See some of our methods below.

French Drains

A French Drains System is installed to help prevent surface water and ground water from penetrating or damaging a homes foundation. They are generally designed with a 2% grade from a higher area towards a lower area. A dug trench contains a perforated drainage line wrapped with a fiber filter sleeve surrounded by river rock or gravel. The rocks allow for the water to filtrate down into the drainage line.The sleeve helps restrict migration of dirt and pebbles from entering into the system. Sometimes a thin layer of top soil and then sod is placed on top and other plans are designed for the rock channel to remain open on top of the ground and remain part of the homes landscape.

Trench / Track Drains

A trench/track drain is specific type of floor drain containing channel shaped body. It's design is to rapidly evacuate surface water across a finished concrete driveway, sidewalk, pool deck or patio. Many times they are connected into water drainage systems.

Vapor Barrier | Moisture Barrier

A vapor barrier (also known as moisture barrier) helps protect the moisture level in the air and ground by covering the ground with high grade sheets of polyethylene. The vapor barrier is cut around the edges of foundation piers, HVAC ducts and plumbing. The seams are sealed with waterproof tape and adhesive caulking binds it to the foundation walls.

Sump Pump | Basin

A Sump Pump is typically installed underneath low areas of a crawl space or basement. An electric pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in collection basin. The water is pumped into plumbing lines that go though or around the foundation wall and directs the water to flow away from the home. Usually a dug trench filled with gravel or a French drain underneath the home is designed to guide water flow towards the Sump Pump Basin System.

Vent Well

A vent well is installed around a foundation vent on an exterior wall in order to help keep water and dirt from entering through vents into a crawlspace.